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Is A Designer Worth the Money?

The simple answer is - Yes. Beyond helping to select the perfect items needed for your project, it’s time and money. Just yesterday, I spent three hours with a new client. In that time, we selected new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and tile for a fireplace surround/hearth. We decided to add another small project and selected the material needed for that. We talked about cabinet hardware, repairing her current wood flooring, and discussed the additional appointments we will have next week. Three hours later, my client looked at me and said, "I would have NEVER been able to do this on my own". She’s right. For my client's projects, it’s my job to be both efficient and cost-effective. It’s not just about picking out the pretty things.


Most designers come prepared to start a project with trusted subcontractors, painters, plumbers, contractors, you name it. These businesses are established and trusted relationships that help the process go smoothly. We’re the organizers that keeps the project on schedule and be at the ready for the occasional hiccup. Let's just say HGTV makes it look easy and convenient to the world for a reason. Celebrity designers take care of everything and end with the big reveal (6 weeks later), and everyone is so happy. Creating the, “It’s perfect and you read my mind” response from the client. The truth never happens that way.


The cost of hiring a designer is minimal compared to the overall cost of a kitchen remodel. Factors add up that affect the ending cost of a project. Mistakes, not understanding the process, hiring the wrong plumber, and not keeping a schedule cost much more. For example, I could do my own taxes on my own time, cheaply by using Turbo Tax. Fumble around hoping I’m answering all the questions correctly. But, what if the IRS says I didn’t do it right? What do I do now? We have the option of hiring a professional accountant to handle my taxes for a reason. So mistakes will not be made by my own accord and without the additional stress. She is the expert. We'd love to pick out all the fun, pretty things for your project, but we know your business and time is worth SO MUCH MORE.

If you have any questions about a future project, I would love to chat with you!


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