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Love The House You Bought

The house I currently live in (which will be thirty-seven years this coming May) is a 1935 Cape Cod. It’s the first house I looked at during our first home search. There was something about this house that I felt the minute I walked in the door. This was MY home, and we put an offer in within two hours. I had completed my interior design education but had no design experience at all. At the time, I knew I loved modern style and was prepared to get started with my ideas. I remember my mom coming to see the house and I began to tell her all my plans. Starting with painting all the original woodwork and doors white. My mother very calmly, gave me my first lesson in design and said,

"No, decorate within the style and age of your home".

Suddenly I felt stuck and questioned buying an older home. How was I going to be able to incorporate my design style into this old house? I’m happy to say I still live in this old house, ditched my ultra-modern desires, and found a way to make it my own.

Styles of homes come and go. The open concept certainly has its drawbacks. Shiplap is out and wallpaper is back in. There have been many times I could envision walls being torn down in my own home, but it would destroy the character. Flippers have their ideas. Two doors down an adorable brick bungalow close to the same age as our home was sold to a property investor. I couldn’t imagine why there were so many work trucks at the house. It was an adorable home and the old charm character was delightful. I had an opportunity to see the home after it was complete. When I walked through the door I understood my mother's, "No!". Gone were the walls that separated the rooms. The entire main floor except for the bathroom was completely open. Shiplap covered the brick fireplace and another full wall. Modern wallpaper in the remodeled bathroom. Every bit of charm and character was ripped out. There have been other homes in our area sold to investors that only see gray LVP, walls, and white trim. No matter the style of the home, that is the easiest sell. I have a good realtor friend who recently sold a mid-century modern home to a couple that immediately stripped it and made it farmhouse style.

"My job is to look at the big picture. Take into consideration the age, style, and desired needs to make it yours".

Every home will be remodeled or redecorated. We want to change "with" the styles and incorporate new ideas. That is what I and other designers do for our clients. We help you make the changes to enhance the essence of your home without hurting the character. Love the home you're with.

Let's chat again soon - Kim!


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